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A new way to manage diabetes.
Created by people with diabetes.

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One Drop completely rethinks everything about diabetes care.

We’ve made it simple to get your supplies, track your numbers, and reach your health goals.

Now, you can focus on what’s important:
Staying healthy, so you can live your best life.

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Our devices are approved by:

US Food & Drug

Health Canada
Santé Canada

European Conformity
Conformité Européene

All your supplies delivered to your door.

Need test strips and lancets? Order as needed, or subscribe to get everything delivered on a schedule. Free shipping

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Need help?
Ask your coach.

Ever wish you had an expert in your pocket who knew exactly how to handle any meal, workout, or blood sugar? Good news: Now you do!

Your coach is a Certified Diabetes Educator (CDE) with years of experience. Reach out anytime for answers, support, or just to say ‘hi!’

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No prescriptions.
No co-pays.
No hassles.
Because you deserve better.

We work relentlessly to remove ALL barriers between
you and the care you need. And that means no

We are 100% focused on serving you.

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You’ll know so much more about your diabetes. At a glance.

The One Drop app makes all kinds of new things possible.

See how you’re doing today, and get tips on how to improve over time.

Every time you check your blood sugar, your numbers are sent to the app.

Get reminders to take your medications. Track blood glucose, medications, meals, exercise, weight, A1C, and more.

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Connect all your
health apps and devices,
so you can see all your
data in one place.

Partners Partners

Share reports with
your healthcare team
in just a few taps.

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The only diabetes company to put your needs first.

Most companies are focused on the needs of doctors, clinics, and insurance providers. They aren’t so concerned with how you feel using their products or whether they actually make you healthier. One Drop is different.

We put the person with diabetes first. Because we have diabetes, too. And we know how hard it can be. Every feature of One Drop is designed to make your life easier and improve your health.

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20+ clinical studies prove our approach works.

One Drop’s platform is clinically supported and evidence based. Over 20 peer-reviewed clinical studies demonstrate that One Drop lowers blood sugar levels in as little as 1 month.

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