What's on your #DiaBucketList?

World Diabetes Day #WDDchat16 #DiaBucketList
Hey everyone! It's almost World Diabetes Day, and we couldn't be more excited to kickoff the day by connecting with all of you during a 24h Twitter chat: #WDDchat16.

What is #WDDchat16?

#WDDChat16 is a 24-hour Twitter chat beginning TONIGHT at 12AM ET where people with diabetes from across the world can connect in recognition of World Diabetes Day. This is the 5th consecutive year Diabetes Community Advocacy Foundation has hosted the World Diabetes Day Twitter Chat, AND two members of the One Drop team -- Rachel Head RD, CDE and Rachel Sanchez -- have the honor of hosting the second hour from 1:00 -2:00 AM ET! To join us, search for hashtag #WDDchat16.
Our Twitter Handles: Rachel Head RD, CDE: @RachelHeadCDE Rachel Sanchez: @onedroprachel

Join us at 1:00A ET!

For the full hour, we'll be talking about what's on everyone's #DiaBucketList -- in other words... What are ALL the things you hope to see accomplished for #PWD (people with diabetes) in your lifetime?  Here's a preview of some of the questions we'll be discussing:
  • Aside from a cure, what is # 1 on your #DiaBucketList? What would you most want to see happen for #PWD in your lifetime?
    • Why is this # 1 on your list, and what would checking it off mean to you?
    • What would it take to check that off?
  • Take us through the rest of your #DiaBucketList! What else you got?
  • Of course, we'd all like to see a cure — what does a cure look like to you?
  • Do you think #PWD and healthcare providers (doctors, nurses, etc.) would have similar #DiaBucketList's?
    • Where would they overlap?
    • Where would they differ?
  • Is there anything on your personal #DiaBucketList? What do you hope accomplish as a #PWD?
Hope to see you all there! To participate, just add #WDDchat16 to your tweets!    
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Rachel Sanchez
Nov 13, 2016

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