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Valentine's Day With the PWD You Love

Valentine's Day With the PWD You Love

Valentine's Day 2018

💌 Love note. Check 💐 Bouquet of roses. Check 🗺 Planned Weekend getaway. Check. 😱 Sweet Treats. NOPE!

All you need is love. And low-carb.

You have almost everything planned, to a tee. But what to do when the one you love lives with diabetes? Easy :) There are plenty of delicious, delectable sweet treats out there that are super PWD-friendly & approved. What's even better? These kinds of sweets are so much better (more romantic) than most ❤ Because you're making them yourself! Or, take it up a notch: prep the Valentine's Day dessert together! Either way, these mouth-watering goodies are not the best way to say ILU (kiss the cook! 😘), they're also all low-carb and low-sugar. So you can rest easy that the PWD you love will be in perfect BG range even after multi-cookie consumption. Check out our favorite Valentine's / Galentine's Day themed sweets below. And love the PWD you're with this Valentine's Day!
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Mary Elizabeth
Feb 14, 2018

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