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RECIPE: Low-Carb Chili for Your Winter Chill ❄️

RECIPE: Low-Carb Chili for Your Winter Chill ❄️

What could possibly make a cold, rainy January day better? A warm bowl of chili, of course! And, if you're currently experiencing a vitamin-D deficiency (thank you, winter) like we are, then a bowl of homemade chili will do you some good. Some great, actually! But you're trying to be low-carb (New Year's resolution still going strong 💪), and don't want to rock the boat with unnecessary carb-overload. We feel you. That's why we're sharing this delicious and super low-carb chili recipe with you. It's filling, nutritious, and utterly delicious. Take down a bowl, or two, or three, and you still won't see a BG spike.


You will need:


  1. Chop up the pepper & onion
  2. Saute both in butter until the onion is a bit translucent (this ensures a bit of crunch!)
  3. Add ground beef; cook through. Use a spoon to break up the into smaller pieces
    Pro Tip ⭐️ Do not drain the grease!
  4. Add beef & veggies to cooking pot or crockpot
  5. Add tomatoes, spices, and water
  6. Stir well until mixed
  7. Simmer on low for 1-2 hours
  8. Stir occasionally 


Top it off with avocado slices 🥑 cheese 🧀 and sour cream for the full effect. Add as you see fit! (We're big extra cheese fans 😍) And voila! You'll have a low-key, low-carb batch of chili to warm you right you up. Such a simple recipe is often overlooked, but it definitely shouldn't be. Chili is so easy and cheap to make. And, according to how big the batch, you can save lots for later. Enjoy!  

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    Mary Elizabeth
    Jan 23, 2018

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