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Chicken Tabaka: Your New Favorite Chicken Dish 🍗

So you're sick and tired of the same old grilled chicken dish. It's healthy, for sure! And always a readily available option. But sometimes, we need to spice things up just a bit. Bring on the chicken tabaka, your new favorite dinner recipe. #winnerwinner

What's it like?

Chicken tabaka is basically the culinary tradition of Georgia (the nation). Crispy on the outside, soft & juicy on the inside, chicken tabaka will be your new menu staple. Think: chicken wings with all the savory flair, but with a healthier, more memorable twist. So much flavor & personality, plus no crazy carb-overload, since chicken is naturally no-carb.

What do I need?

✅ a large skillet (tabaka is derived from tapha, the type of skillet in which the chicken is often cooked) ✅ fresh organic chicken ✅ fresh, organic cilantro, dill, parsley - pick your flavor! ✅ bell peppers, cucumbers & tomatoes (the ones from the vine) for color, crisp & freshness ✅ minced, fresh garlic ✅ sea or pink-Himalayan salt ✅ freshly ground black pepper ✅ ghee, sunflower or olive oil

I'm prepped & ready! Now what?

1️⃣ Put your chicken on the cutting board (breast-side up) & cut the front of the breastbone just a bit, so that it’s easy to flatten the chicken. Then, with a meat pounder or your hand, flatten the chicken. Rub the chicken all over with a pinch of salt & black pepper. 2️⃣ Fill up the pot with water & heat up oil of choice (or ghee) on the skillet. 3️⃣ Place the chicken on the skillet, skin-side up. Put the heavy pot with water on the chicken (this creates the necessary pressure). Fry chicken on medium heat until it turns golden. 4️⃣ Turn chicken on it’s back & place the heavy pot with water on the chicken. Fry until the back becomes dark-gold in color to make sure you're getting the crisp-factor. 5️⃣ Take the chicken off the skillet & place it on the large, flat plate; let it simmer, then rub with minced garlic. 6️⃣ Sprinkle with your favorite chopped herb (cilantro, dill, or parsley). 7️⃣ Serve hot & enjoy!

Easy! But one more thing - what do I pair my chicken tabaka with?

We'd opt for fresh vegetables & greens, which turns this into a wholesome and magical meal. Clean & slice those veggies from above (bell peppers, cucumbers & tomatoes), arranging them next to the chicken on a serving plate. Or, chop all colors into a salad; add freshly squeezed lemon juice, a few spoons of olive oil & a pinch of salt. ბრწყინვალე!
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Dina Ledvina
Oct 16, 2017

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