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Medication Adherence: The Struggle is Real

Do you have a hard time remembering to take your medication? And, do you love it when the things you need simply appear at your door (thanks, One Drop!)? 📦 Taking daily medication should be easy and routine. But for some reason, it isn't. I find myself forgetting to take my prescription, unable to remember if I've taken it, or taking it more often than prescribed. Remembering to refill my prescriptions is also a challenge. And statistics show I'm not the only one facing these challenges. Three out of five Americans take a daily medication; half of people living with a chronic condition don't take their medications as prescribed (aka medication non-adherence). It's a big problem. A $300 billion dollar problem every year. best diabetes monitor - best diabetes blood glucometer There are many pro-tips out there to help solve for this, like: ✳︎ placing post-it notes in visible places ✳︎ taking medications at the same time of day ✳︎ using pill organizers ✳︎ keeping medication logs but none of them addressed my issues. I'm a creature of habit, and I was unable to habitualize my medication-taking behavior. Until I discovered PillPack.

pillpack - review - pillpack pharmacy - online pharmacy

What's PillPack?

PillPack is a full-service mail-order pharmacy that sorts your medications (prescription, over-the-counter, and vitamins) by dose and delivers them to your door. Medication is provided in easy-to-open, date- & time-stamped, daily medication packets. They make sure you always have the right medication -- at the right time -- at no extra cost. And, since they accept most insurance plans, you can get a 30-day supply of your medications at your regular copay amount. PillPack made it easy to see if I'd taken my medication. No reminders, logs, or pillboxes needed. I just look at my PillPack and take my medication according to my schedule.

My Experience

Signing up for PillPack was a breeze. I simply entered my medication, pharmacy, physician, and insurance information and they did the rest. They offer a great user experience that only took 5 minutes. That alone would have been worth it, not to mention the corny jokes and cool videos they shared along the way. PillPack sent me regular updates (via email & text), and my medication was in-hand 15-days later. I've received refills 3 times now and have had to do absolutely nothing! pillpack pharmacy - pillpack online pharmacy - pillpack review My medication needs are simple by comparison to many. I take one daily medication each morning. I simply pull my date-stamped daily packet from my PillPack and carefully tear it off along the perforated line. If there was some fearless feedback I could provide to Pillpack, it's that when tearing my packet I sometimes unintentionally tear into my next day's supply. The perforation could be improved (I've learned to tear with care).

Would I recommend PillPack? Absolutely!

I no longer have to remember to refill my prescription, drive to my pharmacy and wait in line, remember to pay a bill, and I'm able to take the right medication at the correct time. Thus far, PillPack handles everything else. best diabetes monitor - best diabetes blood glucometer
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Ashley Hirsch MA, CCRP
Oct 24, 2018

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