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Company announces study results demonstrating a 1.2% absolute reduction in A1c among people with type 2 diabetes using One Drop | Mobile with One Drop | Experts personalized diabetes coaching on iPhone and Apple Watch New York, NY — September 7, 2017 — One Drop will present real-world data from an evaluation of One Drop | Experts with the Apple Watch at the Stanford Medicine X Conference next week. Using retrospective app-collected data, the company will report peer-reviewed drastic improvements in self-care and blood glucose among people with type 2 diabetes (T2D). Specifically, people with type 2 diabetes and A1c levels equal to or greater than 7.5% who used the One Drop | Mobile app with One Drop | Experts on iPhone and Apple Watch for three months saw a 1.2% absolute reduction in A1C. See abstract for additional details. One Drop is a free, award-winning, cloud-based diabetes management solution available on iOS, watchOS, Android, and Amazon Alexa. On iOS and Android, the One Drop | Mobile app allows people to store and track self-care behaviors (including blood glucose checks, medication doses, physical activity and food intake) manually and passively via the One Drop | Chrome Bluetooth-connected glucose meter, as well as thousands of other health tracking devices and apps through Apple HealthKit and Google Fit. The fully-featured watchOS app allows users to track the same self-care data, and view data-driven insights and statistics, right on their Watch face. One Drop | Experts is an ADA-recognized diabetes education* and coaching service delivered entirely through the One Drop | Mobile app. The “Experts” are Certified Diabetes Educators available 24/7 for guidance, support, and anytime care. Experts deliver personalized digital therapeutics programs to help people with diabetes define and achieve their health management goals. Users can communicate with their Experts anytime via in-app chat; all data recorded in the app is available to Experts in real-time, allowing them to provide personalized behavioral guidance when it’s most relevant. One Drop is also the only diabetes management platform that offers comprehensive self-care, peer-support, and expert support all in one place. Last year, Evidation Health Inc. recruited 144 U.S. adults with T2D to complete a survey, receive an Apple Watch, and use the One Drop | Mobile app on iOS and watchOS in combination with the One Drop | Experts program. Using real-world, app-tracked data, One Drop found improvements in:

• Weekly physical activity: +35 minutes

• Carbohydrate intake per meal: -20 grams

• Average blood glucose: -35 mg/dL (a -1.2% A1c reduction)

Evidation Health Inc. recruited an additional 146 people to use the One Drop | Experts program with the One Drop | Mobile app on iOS only (without an Apple Watch). Results presented at the 77th Scientific Sessions of the American Diabetes Association included an A1c improvement of -0.90% among study completers and -1.00% among active users [1]. Leveraging app-collected data, One Drop reported these same users improved, but not to the same degree as Apple Watch users [2]:

• Weekly physical activity: +25 minutes

• Carbohydrate intake per meal: -15 grams

• Average blood glucose: -29 mg/dL (a 1.00% A1c reduction)

“Evaluating whether we’re moving the needle and affecting health outcomes is critical at One Drop,” says Jeff Dachis, CEO and Founder of One Drop. “We’re harnessing real-world data to understand One Drop's impact. So far, outcomes are consistent, compelling, and enhanced by the Apple Watch.” The U.S. Food and Drug Administration just released final guidance on real-world data, which can be user-generated in an app like One Drop. According to the FDA document, when data is relevant and reliable, it may constitute valid scientific evidence. “Our goals at One Drop are to improve the health of our users and to give them an incredible experience while they do it. At this intersection, we achieve meaningful outcomes,” says Dr. Chandra Osborn, Vice President of Health and Behavioral Informatics at One Drop. “With the help of Apple, we combine relevant and reliable passively-collected data, manually-entered data collected from our app, and objective glucose data from our meter, and we analyze all of them with the rigorous standards of scientific excellence.” 1 Kumar S., et al. Impact of a diabetes mobile app with in-app coaching on glycemic control. Late-breaking peer-reviewed poster presentation at the 77th Annual Meeting of the American Diabetes Association; San Diego, CA, USA, June 2017. 2 Osborn C.Y., et al The One Drop mobile app with in-app coaching improves blood glucose and self-care. Peer-reviewed poster presentation at the 77th Annual Meeting of the American Diabetes Association; San Diego, CA, USA, June 2017. ABOUT ONE DROP One Drop (Informed Data Systems Inc.) is a digital health company harnessing the power of mobile computing and data science to transform the lives of everyone with diabetes worldwide. The One Drop platform is evidence-based and clinically effective. It brings affordable, accessible diabetes care to everyone with diabetes and a smartphone, as well as their insurers and health care providers. One Drop | Chrome is sold exclusively by One Drop (iOS, Android, and, Amazon (, and Apple ( One Drop’s consumer subscription services are available for purchase in-app (iOS and Android) and at The One Drop | Mobile solution is available for free download worldwide (iOS and Android). For more information, contact *The American Diabetes Association recognizes this education service as meeting the National Standards for Diabetes Self-Management Education and Support. Learn more at
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Rachel Sanchez
Sep 07, 2017

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