One Drop Launches at LAUNCH Festival 2015 (And Wins "Best Design" Award!)

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One Drop Does LAUNCH

I was apprehensive about accepting Jason Calacanis' personal invitation to attend the LAUNCH Festival 2015 this year to present and launch One Drop to the world.  Not because the conference isn't a good one, far from it - it is GREAT. Actually, its probably the best conference in the world for startup founders and entrepreneurs to showcase their companies.  Its also some of the best coaching and training for startups anyone can get anywhere for any price, and Jason does it all for free.  If you are considering joining an incubator, or launching your company - talk to Jason.  On top of that, This year Fred Wilson, Marc Benioff, Chris Sacca, Tony Hawk and many others were among the great presenters.  Hard acts to follow.  I've attended the event many times in the audience, but I just wasn't sure we were ready to share what we've been working on to over 10,000 people and compete against over 50 other companies launching their companies too. We made the call and decided to go for it.  My team did all the heavy lifting and then pushed me out onto the stage.


We ended up taking home "Best Design" and some extremely kind words from the judges and audience members. Our experience with LAUNCH was invaluable. It turns out the One Drop message really resonated with people.  Now we have the hard work ahead of us to get One Drop into market.  If you haven't signed up for early access yet, please do.  We're going to need all the help we can get and we'd love your feedback. Diabetes is hard, it doesn't have to be. Check out the video, and let us know what you think, and stay tuned for our app launch coming soon.
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Jeff Dachis
Mar 25, 2015

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