One Drop | Experts Becomes the First Digital Diabetes Education* Program Recognized by the American Diabetes Association

One Drop | Experts Becomes the First Digital Diabetes Education* Program Recognized by the American Diabetes Association

Company announces that its mobile diabetes education and coaching program, One Drop | Experts, is the first digital diabetes education program recognized by the American Diabetes Association for Quality Self-Management Education* and Support.

April 18, 2017 — New York, NY — One Drop today announced that its mobile diabetes education and coaching program, One Drop | Experts, has been Recognized by the American Diabetes Association for Quality Self-Management Education* and Support. One Drop | Experts is the first and only digital therapeutics program to receive this recognition, identifying One Drop | Experts as meeting the National Standards for Diabetes Self-Management Education and Support (NSDSMES). “One Drop is proud to be the first digital diabetes self-management education program awarded recognition by the American Diabetes Association. Diabetes is a complex condition that requires daily management and ongoing support,” said Dr. Mark Heyman, Vice President of Clinical Operations & Education. “One Drop | Experts uses mobile technology to deliver diabetes education and support to people wherever they are, whenever they need it, in a way the traditional healthcare cannot. It has been incredible to see our users gain confidence and feel empowered in their diabetes management while reducing their A1c as a result of using One Drop | Experts.” According to the latest statistics from the American Diabetes Association, there are 29.1 million people with diabetes in the United States, with nearly 1.4 million more people diagnosed each year. In 2012, the total economic burden of diabetes was estimated at $245 billion per year, up from $174 billion just 5 years earlier. With fewer than 20,000 Certified Diabetes Educators in the United States, it is impossible to meet the demand for diabetes education via traditional in-office interactions. One Drop | Experts is a clinically-validated, scalable diabetes education and coaching program delivered entirely through the One Drop | Mobile app. The “Experts” are Certified Diabetes Educators (CDEs) who work one-on-one with people with diabetes, providing personalized educational content and insights, as well as ongoing support, encouragement and accountability. One Drop | Experts is uniquely engaging, combining the use of mobile technology, real-time health data, and human support to empower people with diabetes to take an active role in self-care and achieve healthier outcomes. "This recognition represents adherence to the current and evidence-based National Standards for Diabetes Self-Management Education and Support (DSMES)," said Jo Ellen Condon, RD, CDE, managing director, Education Recognition Program at American Diabetes Association. "Education utilizing digital technology will greatly assist in increasing quality DSMES access and potentially help decrease education disparities in locations that do not have traditional programs." Just last month, One Drop reported findings from a retrospective study demonstrating that One Drop | Mobile app users report a substantial improvement in glycemic control, reducing A1c by 1.0 percentage point after using One Drop | Mobile for as little as two months. One Drop also reported initial findings from a retrospective clinical study demonstrating that after only four weeks, people with diabetes using both One Drop | Mobile and One Drop | Experts:
  • reduced average blood glucose from 185 mg/dL (A1c 8.1%) to 158 mg/dL (A1c 7.1%);
  • reduced average percentage of high blood glucose readings from 19% to 4%;
  • nearly doubled the number of in-range blood glucose readings; and
  • consistently tracked food and blood glucose over time.
In June, One Drop will present the results of its recently-completed clinical study evaluating the effectiveness of One Drop | Mobile and One Drop | Experts at the American Diabetes Association's 77th Scientific Sessions. To date, One Drop | Mobile users have contributed over 235,000,000 primary health data points toward better understanding diabetes, which One Drop analyzes to deliver powerful insights that drive behavior change, cost savings, and better health outcomes for people with diabetes. “We’re thrilled the American Diabetes Association has chosen to recognize One Drop | Experts. We are the first and only digital diabetes education program that meets its extremely high standards in all fifty states in the U.S.,” said Jeff Dachis, Founder and CEO of One Drop. “One Drop | Experts is a highly scalable, well-designed, evidence-based, data-driven diabetes solution that provides cost-effective, comprehensive diabetes education to anyone, anywhere in the United States and, soon, anywhere in the world.” Arlene Hambrick, a One Drop | Experts participant from Illinois who has used the program since September 2016, is just one of hundreds of people to have succeeded with the program. “For the first time in my life I actually feel supported by a professional,” said Ms. Hambrick. “I'm understanding this disease much better now and I have a better sense of what I must do to control it.” ABOUT ONE DROP One Drop (Informed Data Systems Inc.) is a digital health company harnessing the power of mobile computing and data science to transform the lives of everyone with diabetes. One Drop's offerings include the first-ever monthly subscription service to provide clinically effective, affordable, accessible diabetes care. For less than the cost of a monthly co-pay, One Drop subscribers receive:
  • One Drop | Chrome with Unlimited Testing Supplies: One Drop | Chrome not only meets the highest standards of clinical accuracy, but also wirelessly transmits blood glucose data directly to the cloud via the One Drop | Mobile app for iOS and Android. Unlimited blood glucose test strips are delivered on-demand directly to the doors of One Drop subscribers — no prescriptions, no insurance, no appointments, and no hassles.
  • One Drop | Experts for Anytime Care: One Drop | Experts moves diabetes education out of the clinic and into the lives of people with diabetes. Each One Drop | Premium subscriber has his/her own “Expert” (Certified Diabetes Educator) available 24/7 for guidance, support, and anytime care. Experts deliver personalized digital therapeutics programs, including ADA-recognized diabetes education*, to help people with diabetes define and achieve their health management goals. Subscribers can communicate with their Experts anytime via in-app chat; all data recorded in the app is available to Experts in real-time, allowing them to provide relevant behavioral guidance in the moments when subscribers need it most. No appointments necessary.
  • One Drop | Mobile: One Drop | Mobile is an award-winning, cloud-based diabetes management solution delivered entirely via mobile app on iOS and Android. One Drop | Mobile provides real-time and historical blood glucose data and analytics to subscribers and their healthcare providers, allowing both to see relationships between specific health behaviors and health outcomes. One Drop | Mobile also includes a fully-featured Apple WatchOS app for logging and analyzing diabetes data on the go. One Drop | Mobile is the only diabetes management platform that offers comprehensive self-care, peer-support, and expert support all in one place.
One Drop also offers an enterprise solution, One Drop | Professional, for insurers, health care provider networks, and self-insured employers to dramatically lower the cost of caring for people with diabetes. The One Drop | Mobile solution is available for free worldwide. One Drop | Chrome is sold exclusively by One Drop (iOS, Android, and, Amazon (, and Apple ( One Drop's consumer subscription service is available for purchase in-app (iOS and Android) and at For more information, contact *The American Diabetes Association recognizes this education service as meeting the National Standards for Diabetes Self-Management Education and Support. Press Contact
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Rachel Sanchez
Apr 18, 2017

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