One Drop Alumni Update at LAUNCH 2016

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Happy Birthday to us! 🎂

365 days ago, One Drop launched at LAUNCH Festival 2015. Our goal then, as it is now, was to relentlessly improve the lives of the 500 million (and growing) people worldwide living with diabetes. There have been lots of changes, both at One Drop and around the world. When we launched (at LAUNCH) in 2015, there were (roughly) 345 million people worldwide who were living with diabetes. Compare that with today's stats of 500 million. That's a 45% increase of diabetes incidences around the world, in just one year. And that's not accounting for prediabetes, or diabetes cases that have yet to be diagnosed. In the same year that those 345 million people were living with diabetes, we rolled out One Drop | Mobile: the easy-to-use, beautifully designed digital logbook. The 21st-century, community-based blood sugar logbook. 🙌

That was just the beginning

Today, at LAUNCH Festival 2016, One Drop CEO & Founder Jeff Dachis dropped the mic, yet again, with oodles of One Drop updates. As we made clear before, One Drop is our 21st-century approach to diabetes management. And it's not to be confused with the diabetes treatment you've heard about. Along with our award-winning app, we're taking things a step further with a gorgeous, Bluetooth-enabled blood glucose meter & test strip subscription service that includes personalized diabetes coaching.

Not your mom's diabetes treatment

Last year, we introduced you to the industry-leading digital diabetes logbook. This year, we're introducing you to major app updates, as well as the One Drop product roll-outs that are coming soon: ➝ One Drop | Experts: Select your very own dedicated diabetes coach, available 24/7 to empower you and help you reach your diabetes goals. ➝ One Drop | Chrome: The blood glucose meter, reimagined. Your Chrome kit is beautiful, functional, and part of your life, not part of your disease. ➝ One Drop | Premium: Unlimited test strips (yes, unlimited -- as many as you feel that you need), delivered to your door.

More Alumni Updates

Other groundbreaking app updates include: ✓ scheduled medications and reminders ✓ food logging from the One Drop Food Library ✓ 15 million health data points collected from 140 countries around the world For the full update, check out the video below!
  It's been an amazing journey, with much more to come! Stay tuned with all of our updates here, here, or here. And let us know what you think; we'd love to hear from you!
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Doug Kern
Mar 06, 2016

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