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One Drop Community
Get to know other people living with diabetes by checking out the Community tab! Just tap on the Community button right next to the One Drop button on the home screen. For more details about these features and how to use them, scroll down...

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In the new Ambassadors stream, you'll see One Drop users who have volunteered to share their experiences with the entire One Drop community. Check out their bios, react to their moments, and explore all the different approaches to managing diabetes. Many thanks to our first Ambassadors for sharing their journeys with us! ❤️

Interested in becoming an Ambassador?

Awesome! Let us know at contact@onedrop.today.

Around Me

Explore the One Drop community map to see who else around you is using One Drop! When you first open up the map, it'll show the blood sugars of everyone around you using One Drop. Feel free to move the map around and see how people all over the world (200+ countries, 1000+ cities) are using One Drop to help them manage diabetes. (Note: it takes a few moments for the data to load when you move the map around, so give it a little time!) You can tap on any blood glucose value on the map to see more of that person's story. React to a moment with an emoji to show your support! We're all in this together. 🙂


See everyone's moments as they're logged in real time. This data feed shows the anonymized and de-identified data of every member of the One Drop community. Like what you see? React to a moment to show your support!
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Rachel Sanchez
Aug 03, 2017

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