Everyday Diabetes Moments in Oprah GIFs

Everyday Diabetes Moments in Oprah GIFs

Because diabetes can be a lot of emotions. And emotions are best expressed through Oprah GIFs. 

1. When you eat (a whole lotta) pizza, but never see a BG spike.

2. When you go to bed at 140 mg/dL (7.8 mmol/L), and know you'll be flat-lining all night.

3. When you've been running over 300 mg/dL (16.6 mmol/L) all day and you've shed all the tears.

4. When you get through a 45-minute workout without any BG highs or lows.

5. When you expect a 282 mg/dL (15.7 mmol/L), but get a 165 mg/dL (9.2 mmol/L) on your One Drop | Chrome.

6. When you dance to/with Beyonce to bring down your high.

7. When your pharmacist calls to let you know your insulin is no longer covered.

8. When your pharmacist calls back. The pre-auth went through & your insulin is now 100% covered.

9. When you're watching your meter screen during the #bgnow countdown.

10. When someone tells you you probably shouldn't eat that croissant.

11. When you eat it anyway. #treatyoself

12. When you realize, for the first time, that a post-meal walk REALLY DOES WORK.

13. When you schedule your pre-meal bolus/injection just right.

14. When your A1c (surprisingly) comes back at 6.2% (44 mmol/mol).

15. When one more person claims that cinnamon cures diabetes.

16. When your in-range #bgnow for the day is 100%.

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Mary Elizabeth
Dec 07, 2017

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