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The Wonder of Bread

We. Love. Bread. Just like Oprah. And we're not afraid to admit it! It might as well be the greatest wonder of the world. No, not the 8th. The greatest. No wonder they call it Wonder Bread! ūüć쬆It's also no wonder that our BGs spike when we've had a slice of that wonderous, flour-filled, carb-centric bread. The truth can be harder to swallow than the most utterly burnt toast.

Keto Bread

So what to do when you are trying your darnedest to keep blood sugars stable? To maintain that low carb, low sugar lifestyle? Bring on the greatest thing since sliced bread: keto bread.  Or, low carb bread, to keep your BGs happy & healthy. Happy, healthy, low carb and bread, all in one sentence?! It can be done. Oxymoron? Perhaps. Life-changing? Definitely.

The bread basket gets a makeover

Thankfully, low carb keto bread is having a moment right now. While there are lots of options for low carb breads at the grocery store (we won't go into that here, but check out Ginger Vieira & Allison Caggia's post for more info), there are just as many (more!) options for you to make at home. And who doesn't love a homemade loaf of bread! We've rounded up a few of our favorite recipes to share with you just how great sliced, low carb, keto bread can be. Take a look at our picks below! keto bread - low carb keto bread - low carb keto bread - low carb keto bread - low carb low carb bread - keto low carb bread - keto low carb bread - keto low carb bread - keto one drop - diabetes
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Mary Elizabeth
Apr 10, 2018

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