A diagnosis doesn’t have to hold you back.

Take back your time, your power, and your life with One Drop, the award-winning app that simplifies getting healthy, so that you can reach your full potential.

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Our digital tools make staying healthy simple for people with health conditions.



High blood pressure

High cholesterol

Get reminders to take medications, exercise, eat healthy, and more.

See what lies ahead, so you can seize opportunities and make progress.

Get personalized recommendations on what to do next.

Be rewarded for staying the course and achieving your goals.

quote Within five months, my A1C went from 10.8 down to 6.1. That’s what One Drop has done for me. It’s changed my life. I’m more aware of what I’m doing and I’m not giving up. Thanks One Drop!

C. Smith | One Drop member


What would you do if you had no limits?




Our proven approach uses clinical science, behavioral science, and advanced AI, so you can be proactive about your health today and feel confident about tomorrow.

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Start where you are. We'll meet you there.

Whether you’ve been living with diabetes for a decade or high blood pressure for a month, One Drop adapts to you wherever you are on your journey.

Answer a few questions about your health and your goals, so we can customize your One Drop experience.

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A clearer picture of your health

One Drop syncs with other popular apps and devices, so you can see all your health data in one place.

I’m getting healthy because I want to watch my grandson grow up. One Drop is helping me get there.

Julie B. | One Drop member

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With One Drop, anything is possible

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